Mould Wipes & Polish

Mould & Metal Polish

Mould Metal Polish

Clean and restore surfaces, easily wipes on and off. Removes plate out, oxidation and stains. Leaves no residue, brings surfaces to a high luster. Safely removes plate out, oxidation and stains on fine tooling surfaces quickly and cost-effectively. Ideal for all types of moulds, dies and fixtures, it restores surface finish while providing a high luster sheen. The polish has proven effective on steel, stainless, aluminium, brass, bronze, beryllium, kirksite, zinc, powered metals and other materials used in injection, blow, extrusion, compression and rim moulding.

Item Number Description
45210 280 grams per container

Mould & Metal Wipes Cleaning Towels

Mould Metal Wipes

Fast convenient, pre-saturated sheets quickly clean almost any surface. *Use for preparing moulds for production or storage; touch-up cleaning during production; surface prep prior to secondary operations; and general maintenance and all purpose cleaning. Using wipes reduces solvent consumption and VOC’ emissions.

*Pre-test on non-metal surfaces.

Item Number Description
46370 70 wipes per cannister