Sprue Gate Cutters & Trimmers

Premium Sprue Gate Cutters

Premium Gatecutters

DME offers a range of Premium Sprue Gate Cutters. This includes 4″-7″ Flat Faced Cutters, 6″-8″ Flat Faced Adjustable Cutters, 6″-7″ Flat Faced Ergonomic Cutters, 4″-8″ Nipper Type Cutters and Angle Cutters.


Standard Sprue Gate Cutters

Standard Gatecutters

DME offers a range of Standard Sprue Gate Cutters. This includes 5″-7″ Flat Faced Cutters and 6″-7″ Nippers(Rounded Back).


Specialized Sprue Gate Cutters

Specialized Gatecutters

DME’ range of Specialized Sprue Gate Cutters range in convex, concave, mini nippers, end cutters, force multiplying and mini cutters. DME also offers Gate Cutter Holsters


Pneumatic Sprue Cutters

Pneumatic Cutters

DME offers both Hand Held and Bracket Mounted Pneumatic Sprue Cutters. They include:


  • MP35A
  • MR30A
  • MR10
  • MR3

Helicol Combi & Polyurethane Recoil

Helico-lCombi Polyurethane Recoil

DME offers both the Helicol-Combi Tool Balancing System and also the Polyurethane Recoil.


Heated Sprue Gate Cutters

Heated Gatecutters

DME offers a range of Heated Sprue Gate Cutters and Accessories. This includes the HT180, HT200, HT120, HT130, HT160 and the HT170. Some of the accessories DME has to offer are the Controller for AH & HT Series Cutters and the Watt Heater.


Fixture Mount Cutters & Mounting Brackets

Fixture Mount Cutters & Mounting Brackets

DME offers Fixture Mount Sprue Gate Cutters & Mounting Brackets.


Slide & Cut Power Sprue Gate Units

Slide Cut Power Units

DME offers Slide & Cut Power Sprue Gate Units for both the “MG” and the “ME” series.


Replacement Sprue Gate Blades

Replacement Blades

DME offers Replacement Sprue Gate Blades.


Pneumatic File & Saw

Air File Saw

DME offers a Pneumatic File & Saw that is light in weight and silent in operation. It has multiple applications, these include:


  • Cutting auto-panel, baffles and members, etc.
  • Cutting urethane bumpers
  • Cutting mufflers and pipes
  • cutting mufflers and pipes
  • Processing installation holes for bumpers, fog lamps, speakers, etc.
  • Cutting holes in steel plates and finishing
  • Finishing wooden or plastic products cutting holes in plaster board for power receptacles
  • Finishing Dies
  • Chamfering parts after machining
  • Deburring die-castings